Our centre was founded by neuropsychologist Dr. Sam Ng.

At the Neuroscience and Brain Health Center, we combine clinical expertise with advanced neurotechnology to provide you with non-invasive and scientifically proven treatments.

Even without the use of medication, patients can experience marked improvement.

As the first TMS centre equipped with navigation technology in Hong Kong, we provide Apollo  navigation TMS treatment. nTMS is a new non-invasive medical technology, and there are many studies supporting its therapeutic effect.

Exercising makes your body healthier, and the same goes for your brain! NeuroFitness is a new neuro-health concept that emphasizes the importance of brain health and the improvement of neuroplasticity through NeuroFitness.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) puts a person in a completely closed pressure chamber, which increases the pressure and oxygen concentration to nearly five times that in normal ambient air. The principle of hyperbaric oxygen therapy is to increase the pressure and oxygen concentration in the blood, aiming to improve blood circulation, promote body metabolism, and enhance immunity.


HBOT can effectively improve insomnia and emotional management, a finding that brings an additional option for chronically stressed urbanites. Hollywood superstar Keanu Reeves also uses hyperbaric oxygen to relieve insomnia and improve his mental state and work performance.